Saturday, February 12, 2011

Overnight Underground 18feb2011

food crisis usda dominos pizza

Oldest Man-Made Structures on Earth

Georgia Utilities Solar Test

GreenPeace Goes After Coal Plants

Strip Searched for Raspberries

GOP Abortion's_war_on_women_to_a_whole_new_extreme?page=1

Sun 2102
Egypt Martial Law

Mon 1554
Corn Prices

Tues 1341
Chomsky on how Global Warming has been spun to look like a liberal hoax, and other topics:

Oil wells in gulf

Military Ad with Disclaimer:


Packers support our Union Brothers

Micro Solar:

Patriot Act passes House


Robots Running the World,14200/

Ray McGovern v Clinton

Homeless per MagicStar

Mental Health and Guns

FBI in Software

FL gov rejects Hi Speed Rail money

S. Dakota Doctor Murder Bill


Republicans Attacking Unions Across U.S.


Tarpon Cop Taping

House votes to cut Planned Parenthood Funding

Libya, Yemen, Bahrain

Father Coughlin, uh, excuse me, Glen Beck on Unions:

Libya blocking Internet

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