Sunday, February 27, 2011

Overnight Underground Show 4 March, 2011

Awake the State on March 8 - Tampa
Tuesday, March 8 · 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Lykes Gaslight Park
Downtown Tampa
Tampa, FL

Created By
Brittany Wells Lomberk, Susan Smith, Timothy Heberlein

More Info
Draconian budget cuts proposed by Gov. Scott along with equally destructive proposals from the Florida Legislature has the potential to bring a wide range of constituencies – teachers, parents, police officers, firefighters, health care advocates, social workers, environmentalists – fighting under the progressive banner.

Budget cuts are something no Floridian can afford. We believe that Florida’s budget must be balanced responsibly through the elimination of unnecessary and unproductive sales tax exemptions and corporate income tax loopholes that cost Floridians more than $12 billion a year.

We ask that all Floridians who have a stake in this Governor's budget, those who stand to lose in favor of a corporation's gain, to stand united with us on March 8th. Supporters will be holding Awake the State rallies all over the state, including on the steps of the Capitol.

Alike our brothers and sisters in Wisconsin, our public sector employees are under attack. From the Department of Juvenile Justice and the Justice Administration are being defunded. Our environment has taken backseat to development. Our children in public schools will suffer with this governor's budget. We can't afford it. Stand United on March 8!

While not everyone will be able to travel to Tallahassee, Rick Scott will hear us from Tampa. This is not just a rally, this is a call to action! We will have ways for you to get involved and help save our state.

See the devastating cuts (and the number of jobs cut) at

For more information, call Tim Heberlein at 813-532-9846.

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Anonymous said...

Three things:

a. The Wisconsin things stripped everyone BUT police and firefighters so they can still JACK US. And will. Duh.
b. There is no evidence that Charlie Sheen is abusing anything. He passed a drug test. Probably the attacks on him result FROM his views on Sept.11, 2001.

c. The workers should be picketing their places of employment and the farm owners NOT the entities using the goods. Publix will never give in. That's set in stone. They're liable to get sued for copyright for the shirts they wear. Which is sad. Protests must MAKE SENSE or leave them off the chart. What a waste of time and manpower in the face of illegal wars and all else of human rights abuses the world over.

Anonymous said...

Susan Smith is NOT who she appears to be. Anyone who will agree taht ONE group of human beings should be punished ex post facto is not to be trusted. She does this in a blanket fashion along with other so-called progressives. F that big tent stuff when people are frauds OUT THEY SHOULD GO.

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